Why is LED part of the Energy Strategy 2050?

Energy efficiency with LED technology
  • Since the foundation in 2009, we have been dealing exclusively with LED technology, which means that all our products and special solutions are energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • As the energy efficiency of lighting is an important part of the federal government’s Energy Strategy 2050, we also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions with our products and solutions.

What are we doing for sustainability?

Materials from switzerland and europe
  • Over 80% of our purchasing volume, we consciously in Switzerland and Europe.
  • We are actively working to reduce the gray energy in our products.
  • We procure electronic operating devices primarily in Europe. We make a point of ensuring that they are also manufactured in Europe.

Why is it worth converting luminaires to LED technology?

LED conversion kits
  • Our large product portfolio of LED conversion kits enables our customers to re-equip convertible luminaires with LED technology.
  • This means that the existing luminaire design can be retained, and no changes are required to the installation.