Oblamatik AG, CH-Chur

Customer: Beca Licht AG, CH-Passugg

Circular luminaires with smartLED 3030

  • In collaboration with our partner Beca Licht, we won the contract for designing the lighting system of Oblamatik’s new building in Chur
  • 3030 circular luminaires of various dimensions: D = 900 mm, 1400 mm, 2150 mm
  • 3030 LED line as curved pendant version
  • Wallwasher smartLENS 3030 light line with 14° lens beam optic
  • DALI control

Egger3 Hair Beauty Relax, AT-Lustenau

Customer: Conceptlicht, AT-Götzis

smartBULK circular luminaires with mirror finish

  • smartBULK circular luminaire D = 1500 mm, W = 80 mm, H = 80 mm as standard circular luminaire with mirror finish
  • Direct distribution via opal diffuser, high colour rendering index CRI > 90
  • Circular ceiling luminaire, consisting of LED elements and milled PMMA diffusers
  • DALI control

Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum (RUZ), CH-Burgdorf

Customer: Küttel AG, CH-Kriens

ONEline continuous-row lighting system with OfficeMini

  • ONEline continuous-row lighting system with OfficeMini luminaire for perfect glare control thanks to micro-prism diffuser
  • Up to 11-strand through-wiring
  • DALI control

The Mall of Switzerland, CH-Ebikon

Customer: Ervotech GmbH, CH-Wangen SZ

smartBULK circular luminaires

  • smartBULK circular luminaires of various dimensions
  • smartLED 6050, LED line with built-in power supply units and through-wiring as line lighting
  • DALI control

Gladys club house, Bad Ragaz Golf Club, CH-Bad Ragaz

Customer: Zumtobel Licht AG, CH-Zurich

3030 smartLED line

  • smartLED 1216 LED line recessed into ceiling, flush-mounted, in various lengths

Valens hospitals, CH-Valens

Customer: ULS AG, CH-Zumikon

smartDISC semi-recessed mounting

  • smartDISC semi-recessed mounting for corridor lighting
  • Perfect light distribution and glare control UGR < 19 thanks to micro-prism optic
  • Various ceiling cut-out dimensions

Swisslounge, CH-Zurich Airport

Customer: Neuco AG, CH-Zurich

smartLED 1216 light line

  • smartLED 1216 light line, recessed in ceilings and walls for functional lighting and ambience backlighting

Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau, CH-Interlaken

Customer: Lichtform AG, CH-Wilderswil

smartLED 1216 light line

  • Stair lighting and backlighting with curved smartLED 1216 light lines

Auto Zollikofer, CH-St. Gallen

Customer: Zumtobel Licht AG, CH-Zurich

VANOR fabric pendant luminaire

  • Black VANOR fabric pendant luminaire in various versions, D = 600 mm, 1200 mm, H = 170 mm incl. ceiling rose with built-in converters
  • DALI control

Primary school, CH-Port near Biel

Customer: Küttel AG, CH-Kriens

ONEline system luminaire
Office LED

  • ONEline system luminaire, office LED
  • Direct/indirect distribution
  • High-quality reflector technology for perfect light output ratios and guided direction of light
  • Micro-prism diffuser
  • Luminaire with halogen-free wiring
  • UGR > 19

Hotel Sun Star, CH-Davos

Customer: EM Licht, CH-Spreitenbach

VANOC pendant luminaire

  • VANOC fabric pendant luminaire for decorative and functional illumination of the reception desk


smartBULK 6060, 8080 and 3030 LED circular luminaires

  • Extract from our project list with circular luminaires
  • smartBULK circular luminaires with standard diameters D = 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, W = 600 mm (new), 800 mm, H= 600 mm (new), 800 mm
  • Delicate smartLED 3030 circular luminaire of various dimensions, D = 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, W = 300 mm, H= 300 mm
  • Versions with direct and indirect light distribution
  • Various finishes and materials available (powder-coated, film-coated etc.)
  • DALI control