Main hall, Verrucano Cultural Centre, CH-Mels

Customer: Municipality of Mels, CH-Mels

Tunable White LED luminous ceiling

  • Homogeneous, high-quality LED luminous ceiling with Barrisol stretch membrane system and section tracks for easy maintenance
  • 11 light panels in size L 3600 × W 1840 mm × H 180 mm
  • Tunable White light colour adjustable from 2700 K to 6500 K, DALI DT 8 control
  • System luminous flux 66’000 lm

Entrance of Balluff AG head office, CH-Bellmund

Customer: Beca Licht AG, CH-Passugg

RGB Cube pendant luminaire

  • For the entrance area of the Balluff company we developed and produced coloured brick-shaped luminaires based on the customer’s specifications and in collaboration with our distribution partner Beca Licht
  • The uniform and bright colours make the installation look quite elegant and contrast favourably with the exposed concrete elements
  • Various dimensions 900 × 900 mm, 650 × 650 mm, 400 × 400 mm
  • RGBW version and DALI-controllable

Court of Appeal, CH-Zurich

Customer: Zumtobel Licht AG, Zurich

Brass pendant luminaires

  • These special brass circular luminaires were designed, developed and produced in collaboration with Zumtobel and installed on site at Zurich’s Court of Appeal
  • The luminaires’ dimensions and weight were quite a challenge in terms of fastening technology, as the discrete fastening elements had to be as delicate and “invisible” as possible
  • Dimensions: D = 2 m, D = 3 m, elliptical 5 × 2.5 m
  • Indirect component for ceiling illumination
  • Direct component using LED microspots to achieve brilliance

Town hall, CH-Zollikon

Customer: Zumtobel Licht AG, CH-Zurich

Circular luminaires

  • Circular luminaires in various sizes and versions
  • Diameter D = 1000 mm, 1800 mm, 2600 mm, W = 60 mm, H = 140 mm
  • Light exit versions: internal light distribution, external light distribution, direct light component via minispots
  • Materials: anodised aluminium, PMMA cover, glued

Helvetia Versicherung, Washington building, CH-St. Gallen

Customer: Zumtobel Licht AG, CH-Zurich

LED tubular pendant luminaires and wall-mounted luminaires

  • LED tubular pendant luminaires made of PMMA with continuous cord suspension and brass fitting
  • Special AROSA wall-mounted luminaires with brass cover and various up and down beam patterns
  • DALI control

Staircase illumination, CH-Bad Ragaz

Customer: Atelier Sulai, CH-Sargans

Leaf Art pendant luminaires

  • Leaf Art pendant luminaires, manufactured as organic special luminaires in leaf-shaped design, developed in collaboration with and based on ideas of Atelier Sulai, Sargans
  • 3 luminaire groups of 5 luminaires each mounted in varying heights and arrangements, in order to interrupt the spatial depth of the staircase
  • Suspended with special frame structure

Shopping centre, AT-Vienna

Customer: Leman GmbH, AT-Vienna

LED ellipsoidal lighting

  • Curved smartLED U2422 section luminaire in elliptical shape fitted with RGB light sources
  • Developed in collaboration with Leman GmbH, AT-Vienna

Base station entrance area, CH-Churwalden

Customer: Beca Licht AG, CH-Passugg

Curved special pendant luminaires

  • 1216 section luminaires, curved, including pendant tubes and a special suspension system for the illumination of the entrance and ticket office area
  • Light line illumination to provide guidance to customers
  • DALI control


LED handrail lighting systems

  • Wide variety of versions and finishes of uninterrupted handrail lighting systems for staircases or walkway areas
  • Project- and customer-specific versions can be implemented

ESB, CH-Liestal

Customer: Schaublicht GmbH, CH-Binningen

Colour pendant tubes

  • Pendant tube installation in diverse colours: blue, yellow, green, red with white light distributed laterally
  • Tubular units in various lengths and with special suspension design

Sarganserland nursing home, CH-8887 Mels

Customer: Visione Licht GmbH, CH-Roggwil

Wide-area LED luminaires

  • LED single-colour recessed wide-area luminaires with Barrisol stretch membranes in various sizes, D = 3050 mm, 3600 mm, 4600 mm, H = 135 mm
  • Luminous flux levels from 25,000 to 43,000 lm, CRI > 90
  • DALI control

Projects: indoors and outdoors

Curved LED light lines, customised

  • A wide variety of curved LED light lines for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Implementation based on project requirements (DWG plans)
  • Can also be scanned by smarterion on site within the building, using a 3D scanner
  • Outdoor LED light lines are generally encapsulated, ensuring a long and reliable service life thanks to IP67
  • In addition, smarterion also takes care of mounting complex installations, in order to guarantee high quality also in terms of implementation